Monday, 28 September 2009

Malayalam Movie Review- Vadakkunokki Yanthram (1989)

“Njanoru sundaraneyalla doctor. Karuthittanu. Pokkavum kammi...Njanithuvare creamukal onnum upayogichittilla.....Athu thechal velukkumo??”

Dineshan (Sreenivasan) knows he is not handsome. And that he is not tall and that he could never be attractive to women. In short, his confidence level points to zero. It is at this point of extreme inferiority complex that he decides to marry.

Now the girl {Shobha (role handled by Parvathy)} that he is about to marry happens to be extremely beautiful and taller and fairer! Dineshan is obviously perplexed and finds it hard to accept that someone like her would love and accept him as her husband.

What follows is marriage and of course, lots and lots of trouble. Dineshan, in his desperation to win Shobha’s love and respect concocts infinite number of plans and schemes. His friend and adviser is Innocent, who in his enthusiasm to help him, pushes Dineshan into even more trouble.

What starts off as a small problem soon becomes serious and affects his relationship with his wife as well as his mother and siblings. His inferiority complex makes him do unnecessary and insensible things and takes him alarmingly towards a mental breakdown.

The first few minutes of the movie does not have any dialogue at all, but within that time we get an idea of the protagonist’s character. This is emphasised by the hilarious letter that Dineshan writes to a psychologist explaining his problems. As the movie develops we cannot help feeling an urge to stop Dineshan from doing anymore stupidity.

Well, Dineshan may not have done all that if his wife knew about his condition or if his mother and siblings gave him some mental support or if Dineshan was an untroubled man in the first place...Then there will not have been a movie!

Written and directed by Sreenivasan, Vadakkunokki Yanthram is another one of his outstanding work. The movie’s success has been, I believe, in taking the audience through a man’s emotional and psychological turmoil. And to top it all, Sreenivasan’s performance was magnificent!

In brief, a great movie and which deserves the status of being one of the best movies in the 80’s...

Written and Directed by Sreenivasan
Cast: Sreenivasan, Parvathy, Innocent, KPAC Lalitha, Usha etc.